The right monitor for the job?

All blood pressure monitors are really all the same aren’t they? Which is the most accurate? I’m confused as all BP monitors seem to be the same. What about reliability and durability?

These are some of the questions our sales team are frequently asked and it’s true many digital blood pressure monitors offer similar features and claim to offer similar “clinically validated accuracy”.

But what about durability and reliability?

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Does anyone still use Mercury Sphygmomanometers?

The UM-102A is the latest second generation Mercury free sphygmomanometer from Japanese company A&D Medical. It builds on the reliability and accuracy of the previous model, which it replaces, but now features a new ergonomic, modern, lightweight design.

Designed for professional use, it allows clinicians to record accurate blood pressure measurements using the “Gold Standard” Auscultatory measurement technique whilst listening for Korotkoff sounds with a stethoscope.

An extensive range of latex free compatible cuffs, with “quick fit” connectors and inflation bulbs already attached, make swapping cuffs quick and simple.

The adjustable, clear, anti-glare LCD screen is graduated just like Mercury so it is easy to read from any angle.

Sales of new Mercury sphygmomanometers were banned in the UK in 2014, but the UM-102A is an alternative clinically validated modern interpretation of the traditional Mercury sphygmomanometer.