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A&D Medical Arm and Hand Cover for TM-2655P/TM-2657P

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A&D Medical protective over arm and hand covers are designed for use with the TM-2655P and TM-2657P waiting room blood pressure monitors. They demonstrate to your patients that when they use your waiting room blood pressure monitor you take any safety and hygiene concerns they may have seriously.

They are manufactured from thin polyethylene and cover the upper arm and hand to prevent a patients arm coming in to direct contact with the inside of the monitor. These single patient use hygienic arm and hand covers are easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

With a length of 75cm they accommodate most arms and fit an arm circumferences of up to 44cm. Each over arm and hand cover is perforated making them easy to detach. Each batch has a convenient attachment string which means the covers can be hung neatly near the waiting room monitor or anywhere keeping the waiting room tidy.

They are designed for single patient use and are easy to apply. Simply pull one over sleeve off, insert your arm fully in to the cover, take a blood pressure measurement, remove the cover and dispose of. They are hygienic and cost effective providing effective protection to a patients arm.


• Perforated making each cover easy to detach one by one
• Effective patient protection when they use your waiting room monitor
• 400 covers are supplied per box (200 covers per batch/bundle)
• Cover upper arm and hand
• Cost effective to purchase
• Attachment cord for each batch ensures tidy storage
• Manufactured from high density polyethylene
• MPN AS-134010367
• PMS Part no AND268
• GTIN 4981046306225

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