TIDI Adult Cuff Barrier (300)

TIDI Adult Cuff Barrier (300)

TIDI Adult Cuff Barrier (300)

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TIDI hygienic cuff barriers can be used with ABPM, digital and manual blood pressure cuffs and devices. For use with any blood pressure cuff they are thin enough not to affect measurements and provide hygienic protection for all of your blood pressure cuffs. They are suitable for use in GP Surgeries, Hospitals and emergency use. TIDI cuff barriers are manufactured in latex free FABRICEL tissue fused with leak proof polyethylene film. 300 barriers are supplied in 6 boxes of 50 and each cover is 46 x 17cm.

The cuff barriers are quick and easy to use. Take an appropriately sized cuff barrier from the dispenser box and remove the adhesive strip. Place the tape end of the cuff barrier on top of the patients arm poly side out, soft tissue against skin. Wrap the cuff barrier around the patients arm and apply the blood pressure cuff directly over the cuff barrier.


• Manufactured in latex free soft Fabricel material
• Convenient to use they apply in seconds
• For use on arms or legs
• Official main authorised UK distributor
• Cost effective alternative to disposable cuffs
• Manufactured to the ISO13485 Quality Standard in the USA
• 300 barriers shipped in 6 boxes of 50
• FREE samples available UK only
• Apply in seconds
• Will not affect readings
• Reduces cleanup and washing of blood pressure cuffs
• Soft tissue against skin
• Available via the NHS Supply Chain FBF699
• Manufacturers part number 916114
• GTIN 00618125126095



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