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The Atys SysToe is a unique device that allows for the rapid automatic assessment of toe or finger systolic pressures. It is easy to use, is user independent and gives accurate, reproducible results in diabetic patients, patients with chronic renal failure and the elderly. It uses photoplethysmography (PPG) and a unique patented algorithm and is capable of measuring pressures as low as 20mmHg. It can be used in the Vascular Lab, in Diabetic units, by Podiatrists or by General Practitioners to assess and diagnose peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia (CLI).

For toe pressure measurement an occlusion cuff is wrapped around the proximal phalanx of the toe. The sensor is placed on the distal pad. The occlusion cuff is inflated automatically to a pressure sufficient to stop blood flow, then deflated slowly at a controlled rate. During deflation, resumption of blood flow downstream from the cuff is detected by the PPG sensor. The cuff pressure at this time is the toe pressure. If a brachial pressure is input to the SysToe before the measurement begins the toe brachial pressure index (TBPI) is also automatically calculated.

The SysToe is clinically validated and can store 32 readings. lt can be used for the follow up of diabetic patients, those with chronic renal failure and also helps assess healing potential of ulcers in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). View the datasheet. SysToe offers major improvements over other devices as the measurement is not operator dependent, is fully automated, fast, reliable and reproducible.

In the case of diabetic patients medial calcification of the tibia/peroneal arteries may prevent the measurement of the Ankle Brachial Index (ABPI) pressure or give erroneous readings. As the toe arteries are affected by medial calcification later than the leg arteries, the toe systolic pressure can be measured to circumvent this problem.

Applications of the SysToe include

• Use to triage patients and avoid unnecessary Duplex scans saving time and money
• After a surgical intervention (bypass, stenting, endovascular treatments) the SysToe can be used to check if there is an as is expected increase in toe pressure
• To monitor the chances of healing of an open lesion that has developed on the foot. A TBI higher than 30 mmHg is indicative of adequate nutritional blood flow.


• Rapid automatic assessment and diagnosis of PAD and CLI
• Uses photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor and a unique patented algorithm
• SysToe is capable of measuring pressures as low as 20mmHg. Storage of 32 examinations
• Clinical validation papers are available on request
• Ideal for the follow up of diabetic patients, elderly patients or those with chronic renal failure
• Also helps assess healing potential of ulcers

Supplied with

• SysToe module and sensor
• Occlusion cuff
• USB PC cable and AtysDB software
• Internal rechargeable battery and AC mains lead
• 200 double sided ring tapes
• Quick start user instructions
• Premier remote and telephone support and training
• One year warranty
• GTIN 03700869200135



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