AliveCor’s KardiaMobile® 6L Recommended by NICE.

The KardiaMobile 6L manufactured by AliveCor and available from PMS Instruments is the first personal ECG device to be recommended for use in psychiatric services in England and Wales to measure cardiac QT intervals.

Following a conditional recommendation from the National Institute for Health and Care (NICE HTE10), the KardiaMobile 6L opens up the opportunity to ease an unmet clinical need for the ‘instant’ measurement and detection of cardiac abnormalities, such as prolonged QT intervals in psychiatric patients who are taking anti-psychotic medications.

Detecting abnormalities in patients within this group is essential as it could prevent severe or even fatal cardiac events. A prolonged QT interval indicates an abnormality detected on an ECG highlighting a disturbance in the conduction of electricity in the lower chamber (ventricles) of the heart. High doses of various antipsychotic medications can trigger prolonged QT intervals

Now, with the availability of the KardiaMobile 6L, having to configure and attach a 12 lead ECG cable to psychiatric patients after asking the patient to partially undress can be a thing of the past.

To record a 6 lead ECG the patient simply places an index finger on each of the two top plates and touches the bottom plate onto the skin of their left leg. Results are instant and can either be stored in a file on a PC or forwarded as a PDF in an email to the patient’s GP.

Testing and monitoring at regular intervals throughout a patient’s treatment, as well as in the acute phase, may be needed so the fact that NICE now recommend using the KardiaMobile 6L, and that operating it is so straight forward is really exciting news!

Say goodbye to applying messy gel and conductive stickers to psychiatric patients and experience the simplicity of using the KardiaMobile 6L. KardiaMobile 6L can be purchased from

Author: Andrew Webb

I am the Managing Director of PMS (Instruments) Ltd a successful UK based medical distribution, service and sales company specialising in cardiovascular equipment.