PMS Instruments. Expertise, Experience and Trust for service, calibration and support.

These are the key words our customers associate with PMS Instruments, as well as being the fundamental foundations of our calibration and service department.

Back in 2016 I posted an article with a picture of an A&D Medical TM-2655P waiting room blood pressure monitor that had recorded a staggering 103,366 readings since we originally supplied it in 2004!

Since then, we have calibrated and serviced a number of A&D Medical waiting room blood pressure monitors that have recorded in excess of one hundered thousand readings!

At PMS Instruments as an ISO-9001 Quality Assured company we keep detailed service and calibration records for every item of equipment we service and repair.

What’s the secret of this reliability and low cost of ownership?

I am convinced it is regular, preventative and routine servicing by PMS Instruments which extends the ‘in service’ life of the monitors and prolongs the investment our customers make in their equipment.

How does the service you get from PMS Instruments differ?

The A&D Medical TM-2655P and TM-2657P waiting room blood pressure monitors are specialist instruments, requiring specialist knowledge and test equipment.

With every service and calibration PMS Instruments carries out, each monitor is subjected to an approved individual ISO-9001 quality assured Work Instruction. This comprises a series of up to 70 detailed steps our service engineers must follow, and which the product must pass, in accordance with the manufacturer’s service manuals.

You get so much more from PMS Instruments than the basic 10 minute on site functional test some companies offer.

Our popular Fixed Price Service and Support Plan includes:

  • Annual calibration of your device and detailed calibration certificate issued.
  • Priority unlimited telephone and technical support.
  • Fixed price servicing cost.
  • Fast priority response for all servicing and repairs.
  • 20% discount off non standard service items including pumps
  • Standard service parts and consumables including filters.
  • Replacement of the cotton cuff inner.
  • Supply of premium packing box and material included.
  • Courier collection and return included.
  • Priority turnaround time typically 3-5 working days from receipt of equipment.
  • Inclusive annual service and calibration to manufacturer’s specification.

You get what you pay for…

PMS Instruments’ service and calibration team are certified to ISO-9001 and use only genuine manufacturer approved spare parts.

Depending on the model it can take up to 90 minutes for our Service Engineers to adjust, calibrate and service an A&D Medical waiting room blood pressure monitor and we are the experts at it! Rapid turnaround time means minimum downtime and a full service and calibration certificate is issued.

Not convinced and still want to use another company?

Can the company you use tell you how many readings your waiting room blood pressure monitor has taken during its lifetime? If they can’t schedule your service and calibration with PMS Instruments and we will.