ERKA The Original Aneroid?

With an established reputation for quality, Erka has been developing and manufacturing sphygmomanometers as well as stethoscopes since 1889.

The ERKA name has a worldwide reputation and represents a guarantee of quality for services and quality goods that are designed, produced and Made in Germany. 130 years of experience means the highest precision, trust and innovation and are just some of the reasons why so many consumers purchase.

PMS Instruments have been their UK Distributor since 2001.

Designed for manual blood pressure measurement the ERKA Switch Comfort Aneroid Sphygmomanometer offer outstanding quality, precision and ease of use as standard.

The sensitive deflation screw valve of the ERKA Switch allows the user to make precise adjustments to the deflation speed.

The innovative design of the SWITCH allows the device to be switched from a right-handed to a left-handed device in a single step.

Buy with confidence direct from PMS Instruments an official authorised Distributor or via the NHS Supply Chain NPC code FFE1244.

Features include

•             Shock resistant to AAMI SP10

•             Special tempered copper-beryllium membrane

•             Easy to read 56 mm diameter polycarbonate head

•             Weight without cuff 120g

•             Latex free, DEHP free, PVC free single tube cuff

•             Manufactured in Germany for precision

•             5 year warranty after registration

•             Wide range of cuff sizes available