Moving Matters During COVID-19

The last few weeks since lockdown on the 23rd March have changed the way we all work and like all businesses PMS Instruments have had to adapt. As a NHS Supply Chain partner we were assigned key supplier status from day one and whilst adopting Government guidance have remained open throughout.

The initial surge in orders we received tested the resilience of my staff, manufacturing supply chain partners as well as our own procedures and processes but we also had another challenge.

We were committed to relocating our Offices.

As any business knows finding suitable business premises can be a real test. We had been in our existing building in Maidenhead since 1982 and weathered a number of changes over the last 38 years in terms of technology, the local area, society and the NHS.

We had responded to these challenges in a positive and pragmatic way but when the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead announced plans to redevelop the building we occupied as part of their regeneration plans for the town, there was no option but to relocate.

After a great deal of time and effort I identified new larger offices that would meet our requirements for expansion in Wokingham and by the end of January terms were agreed.

Moving a business established in the same building for nearly 40 years is similar to moving house but I can confirm it’s 1000 times more stressful!

There’s a lot more to consider and take in to account. If you move home, don’t have any Broadband or a functioning phone for a week it’s an inconvenience but not the end of the world. If PMS moved without any of these it would restrict our ability to support the NHS at a time of national emergency.

Surely it’s all just down to careful planning right? Well that’s what I thought until Covid-19 and lockdown on 23rd March and our carefully laid plans went out of the window.

By the end of March we were ready to move but struggling to get key infrastructure like IT and comms installed. It seemed the whole world was in lockdown and they were.  

So we waited…and waited…and waited. Then we moved and it was worth it.

Due to an incredible effort from PMS staff, our office refurbishment company, legal and surveying team, comms, IT and removal company we have now moved to our new offices.

My personal thanks to all those involved directly and indirectly and most importantly thanks to our customers for their support and understanding over this period.

Author: Andrew Webb

I am the Managing Director of PMS (Instruments) Ltd a successful UK based medical distribution, service and sales company specialising in cardiovascular equipment.